Preserve your skin.

Who We Are

We are Dominion Veterinary Labs (DVL), a veterinary drug company founded by a pharmacist more than a half century ago. DVL is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Veterinarians, farmers and horse owners all over the world trust and use our products. Our manufacturing facility is located in Winnipeg, the home of DVL's founding family, which still owns and operates the company.

The Citron Night Spray Story

We originally formulated Citron Night Spray for horses—animals known not just for their majestic beauty, but also for their ultra-sensitive skin.

Citron Night Spray came about by accident.

Our customers kept asking us to make a botanically-based product that would help protect their horses in harsh, prairie weather. Since horses have ultra-sensitive skin, we knew we needed to create a gentle formula. While working in our lab, we noticed what we were mixing up softened the hands of staff who handled the fledgling product. It even appeared to eliminate an unsightly, rough, open cut on the hand of a staffer.

We realized we had discovered something special that had the potential to help the driest, most parched human skin.

Two years later—after refining our formula—we've come up with Citron Night Spray, an elegant, non-greasy, moisturizing treatment that will help you preserve your skin.

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